Transforming Waste Management with PurGo Software at McCarthy Marland

In 2019, McCarthy Marland, a Bristol-based independent waste management company, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its operations and efficiency. Specialising in a wide range of services including skip hire, roll-on roll-off, grab hire, and wheelie bins, the company sought to improve its waste management processes. The goal was to find a software solution that could provide a full end-to-end service, capable of integrating seamlessly with other business systems and offering real-time information across the entire operation.

They identified the need for a system that not only met the company’s current requirements but was also scalable to accommodate future growth. After being introduced to PurGo waste management software through a demonstration by Devon Contract Waste, a long-time user of the software, McCarthy Marland recognised the potential of PurGo.

The decision to implement PurGo marked the beginning of a significant transformation for McCarthy Marland. The transition required careful planning and customisation to align the software with the specific needs of the business. PurGo’s comprehensive features were set to be utilised across various aspects of the operation, from the weighbridge and vehicle planning to the accounts department and directly in the vehicles. The software’s intuitive design was particularly noted for its importance in driver adoption, with Getac tablets used for trade waste rounds and Samsung devices for other tasks.

An essential aspect of PurGo’s implementation was its ability to adapt to remote working conditions necessitated by the global pandemic. The flexibility and comprehensive nature of PurGo allowed McCarthy Marland to continue its operations smoothly during these challenging times. Moreover, the integration with Vehicle Weighing Solutions’ bin weighing systems enabled the company to accurately charge for excess weight, capturing revenue that would have previously been missed.

The adoption of PurGo has delivered tangible benefits for McCarthy Marland. The software has significantly reduced paperwork, streamlined invoicing processes, and facilitated the efficient management of vehicle defects through its workshop module. This digital transformation has not only improved operational efficiency but has also positioned McCarthy Marland for future growth.

The company have praised the software for exceeding expectations, highlighting its intuitive nature and ease of learning as key factors in its successful implementation. The system’s scalability ensures that it will continue to support McCarthy Marland as the company expands and explores new functionalities within PurGo.

The case of McCarthy Marland showcases the profound impact of PurGo waste management software in revolutionising waste management operations. By providing a scalable, intuitive, and integrated solution, PurGo has enabled McCarthy Marland to achieve operational excellence, enhance compliance, and realise significant efficiency gains. This strategic move has not only streamlined their processes and reduced paperwork but also facilitated the seamless integration of new acquisitions such as Valley Trading and Aasvogel, expanding their operational footprint to a 4 depot operation. This expansion has enhanced their service diversity and geographical reach, further solidifying their position in the market.