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PurGo is a market-leading next-generation ERP waste management & recycling software system, relied upon by hundreds of customers to manage all waste collection and management processes end-to-end.


Designed and built from the ground up by our team of experienced industry professionals from the waste management industry, PurGo is a modular and scalable solution, able to grow with your business and adapt to your changing needs.

A key integration, unique to PurGo, is it's seamless integration with Vehicle Weighing Solutions' weighing systems. Loved by back-office users and waste collection operatives alike, the software and interface are highly automated, exception driven and most importantly - intuitive and user friendly!  

PurGo integrates effortlessly with most business systems, meaning that those packages that are already implemented in your business will become one with your waste collection activities.

VWS Software Solutions offer a consultative and flexible approach, ensuring you achieve a system that works for you and your business.  

What is PurGo?


Why We're Different

Our experience

PurGo has been developed and built by our team of experienced 

industry professionals. 

They've all worked in operational 

roles in the waste management 

industry, so they've created a system that meets operator needs, based 

on real life scenarios, removing the 

need for any guess work. The result is a waste management software 

solution: built for the industry, 

by the industry.

Customer service,

support & training

We operate our own in-house customer support centre in the UK. Based in our office in Liverpool, our dedicated team are always available to answer your questions, quickly resolve issues and help you get the most from your system. We run regular masterclasses, offer online and face to face training and encourage customer interaction and feedback as often as possible to ensure we are leading the way with our software solution.

Our approach

We pride ourselves with how closely we work with our customers. We get to know them, their businesses, their challenges and their objectives. We believe this is the only way we can ensure we are delivering a truly fit-for-purpose system that our customers wouldn't want to be with out. Many of the companies we work with consider us as an extension of their own business - an honour we take very seriously.

Modular & flexible

No business stands stills. It is 

constantly changing, growing and 

realigning goals and priorities. We 

understand this and PurGo has been developed to support you and your 

business on its journey. Due to it's 

modular design, features can be 

"bolted on" or removed, as required.We employ our own in house 

development team, which allows us 

far greater flexibility and enables us 

to be efficient and responsive when 

you need us to be. We realise that a "one size fits all" approach is never going to be the answer so our team are ready to work in 

partnership with you to create a 

system that gives you what you need.

"the system has resulted in an additional £1,500 revenue each week, which means that

it more than pays for itself!"

Simon Almond, Devon Contract Waste

Customer Stories
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