Transforming Waste Management at Grundon


Grundon, the UK’s largest privately-owned waste management company, faced the challenge of enhancing customer service and improving efficiency in its largest depot in Colnbrook. With an expanding portfolio and increasing customer expectations, Grundon required a robust solution to streamline its operations from sales to operations, including administration, billing, and reporting. The need for a system that could seamlessly integrate with most bin weighing systems was essential to monitor collections accurately.


PurGo promised a comprehensive transformation of Grundon’s waste management processes, focusing on three core areas:

  • Paperless Operations: PurGo enabled Grundon to convert most of its operations to a paperless system, significantly reducing paperwork and enhancing data accuracy.
  • Integration with Vehicle Onboard Safety Features: The software complemented Grundon’s investment in vehicle onboard safety features, such as telematics and camera systems. Drivers at the Colnbrook depot could now conduct comprehensive vehicle checks and risk assessments on customer sites using handheld devices.
  • Round Management and Monitoring Solution: PurGo served as a powerful tool for scheduling, routing, exception reporting, live vehicle location, and activity reporting. It worked in harmony with ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system from Vehicle Weighing Solutions, already installed on Grundon’s trade waste collection vehicles, to offer a complete collection and monitoring solution.

Andy Mirecki, Managing Director of VWS Software Solutions Ltd, emphasised that PurGo was developed in response to customer demand for a user-friendly, bespoke solution. It aimed to cover all operational needs from start to finish, with a monthly subscription model that included a comprehensive support service.


The implementation of PurGo at Grundon’s Colnbrook depot marked a significant milestone in operational excellence and customer service enhancement. Key results included:

  • Streamlined Business Processes: The integration of PurGo with Grundon’s new suite of software infrastructure streamlined business processes, improving efficiency and customer service.
  • Precise Data for Collections: PurGo provided exact data for every collection, enabling Grundon to offer better customer service and identify new revenue streams.
  • Enhanced Environmental Goals: The software’s integration capability allowed Grundon’s customers to access information to meet their environmental targets effectively.
  • CarbonNeutral© Fleet: Grundon’s commitment to a CarbonNeutral© certified road-going vehicle fleet, complemented by the PurGo system, set a new industry standard, ensuring that their operations did not add to their customers’ carbon footprint.

Grundon highlighted that the addition of PurGo was pivotal in advancing Grundon’s customer service and operational efficiency. With an investment of over £1 million in a new specialist waste and recycling software solution, Grundon achieved a fully integrated system that streamlined its business and improved the overall customer experience. The success at Colnbrook depot has paved the way for the roll-out of the PurGo software across all Grundon depots.