Revolutionising Food Waste Collection with PurGo at Keenan Recycling


Keenan Recycling, a leading national food waste collection company, has been on a journey towards operational digitisation since 2014. The company’s dedication to enhancing its systems for improved efficiency and service quality led to a pivotal decision in early 2022. Transitioning from their existing operational systems to PurGo waste management software marked a significant shift in their approach to managing food waste collections. The Collections Director at Keenan Recycling, hailed this move as a “game-changer” for the organisation.

The decision to adopt PurGo was influenced by its ability to consolidate all operational information into a single platform, offering seamless integration with Vehicle Weighing Solutions ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing systems. This integration, coupled with strong recommendations from industry peers, underscored PurGo’s suitability for Keenan Recycling’s specific needs.


PurGo’s implementation at Keenan Recycling transformed the company’s operational processes, making data entry and access significantly more efficient. The Head of Customer Service, noted a 50% reduction in the time required for data handling compared to the previous system. This sentiment was echoed across various departments, highlighting PurGo’s ease of use and functional excellence.

The software’s design, tailored specifically for commercial collections, stood out for its industry-focused features. Drivers appreciated the flexibility in job sequencing and the addition of depot bin and liner checks, enhancing on-the-job efficiency and accuracy. The real-time feedback and data collection facilitated by PurGo ensured instant availability of crucial operational information for customer service, finance, and reporting purposes.

Key features such as automated reporting and live vehicle tracking enabled Keenan Recycling to optimise route sequencing and improve overall operational efficiency. The ability to generate comprehensive reports on a single page and track vehicle locations and routes in real-time provided invaluable insights for route management and planning.


The adoption of PurGo by Keenan Recycling has led to substantial operational improvements and efficiency gains. The software’s intuitive design and tailored features have significantly enhanced data management processes, user satisfaction, and operational transparency. The positive impact of PurGo extends beyond simplifying daily tasks to providing strategic advantages in route planning and resource allocation.

Looking ahead, Keenan Recycling is poised to explore additional functionalities within PurGo, including the Customer Portal, case management, and Automated Weighbridge integration features. The company is also focused on leveraging the software to enhance its sustainability efforts, particularly in managing carbon savings. Their confidence in the VWS Software Solutions team’s commitment to innovation and adaptability underscores a promising future for the partnership, with PurGo evolving alongside Keenan Recycling’s growing requirements.