Meet the Team: Andy Mirecki

As the managing director and co-founder of VWS Software Solutions, Andy Mirecki is at the forefront of the waste management industry. With a profound legacy in the sector, Andy has been pivotal in developing PurGo, the flagship ERP software designed specifically “by the waste industry for the waste industry.” His leadership is fuelled by a commitment to revolutionise the field through enhancing operational efficiency, improving customer service, and providing deeper management insights.

Andy’s vision for innovation is not just about sustaining business growth but also about fostering sustainability and operational excellence. Under his direction, VWS Software Solutions is setting new benchmarks in the industry, pushing boundaries to offer solutions that are as dynamic as they are critical.

When he is not steering the company towards new technological advancements, Andy is an avid enthusiast of extreme water sports and skiing, a reflection of his zeal for challenges and a well-balanced life. His dedication extends beyond professional pursuits, as he deeply values family time, which he considers vital for personal fulfilment and rejuvenation.

A feature of PurGo that Andy holds in high regard is its integration with vehicle weighing systems. This functionality stands as a testament to VWS’s dedication to precision and efficiency, significantly enhancing operational compliance and profitability for clients. It exemplifies the company’s core mission to deliver innovative, user-centric solutions that effectively tackle real-world challenges in waste management, allowing for immediate, informed decision-making.

Andy’s journey with us is a testament to how visionary leadership, when combined with personal passion and a commitment to innovation, can lead an industry towards sustainable and efficient futures.