Bywaters Journey with PurGo Technology


Bywaters, a London recycling and waste management company, has a rich heritage stretching over a century. Originating from humble beginnings with John Glover’s horse and cart, Bywaters has grown substantially, now employing over 400 people and serving thousands of businesses across the city. Despite its long-standing presence and growth, Bywaters faced contemporary challenges in the landscape of urban waste management. The need for an advanced, comprehensive system to integrate and streamline their extensive operations became increasingly apparent.


In pursuit of a transformative technological solution, Bywaters chose PurGo, a decision marking a significant shift in their operational approach. PurGo was selected for its ability to manage waste collection and management processes from start to finish, replacing an outdated system that lacked comprehensive integration of company operations and mobile devices.

PurGo’s implementation was driven by a focus on user-friendliness and automation. Bywaters, initially sceptical about software implementations, found the experience with VWS Software Solutions to be refreshingly straightforward, honest, and transparent. The transition was managed effectively, with the VWS team going above and beyond to ensure a smooth conversion.

PurGo offered a suite of features that were game-changers for Bywaters. These included automated and intuitive interfaces, remote job information uploads via PDAs carried by drivers, real-time job confirmations, and Waste Transfer Notes via email. The software’s capabilities extended to detailed operational data access, route planning, optimisation functions, printable invoices, and profitability measurement. This comprehensive solution united all aspects of Bywaters’ operations, ranging from customer services and transport management to finance departments, and seamlessly integrated with the company’s existing software systems and the Enviroweigh bin-weighing systems on collection vehicles.


The benefits of PurGo were immediately evident at Bywaters. The software led to significant operational efficiencies, cost savings, and more effective service delivery, benefiting both Bywaters and their customers. Employees at Bywaters commended PurGo for its state-of-the-art features and the cost savings it enabled, reflecting Bywaters’ commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

A key achievement of PurGo’s implementation was the transition to a paperless system, aligning with Bywaters’ environmental goals. This shift not only streamlined operations but also reduced stationary costs and paper waste. An internal review at Bywaters highlighted the positive impact of PurGo across different departments. Features like the ease of reporting, planning, reviewing, searching screens, live vehicle tracking, and the automation of waste transfer tickets were particularly appreciated for their efficiency and time-saving benefits.

Andy Mirecki, Managing Director of VWS Software Solutions, reflected on the successful integration of PurGo into Bywaters’ continuous operation. With the completion of Phase 1, VWS Software Solutions is moving on to Phase 2, focusing on further developing the system for direct integration with supplier’s and customers’ third-party systems.

Bywaters’ transition to a more integrated, efficient, and sustainable operation with PurGo sets a new standard in the waste management and recycling sector, demonstrating VWS Software Solutions’ expertise in delivering innovative, efficient, and user-friendly software solutions.