Northern Recycling Solutions’ Journey with PurGo


Northern Recycling Solutions, a family-run waste management service provider located in the Scottish Highlands, has been on a mission to streamline its operations and enhance service delivery. With a diverse offering that includes skip hire, commercial waste collection, and hazardous waste management, the company serves businesses across Scotland with a fleet of 10 vehicles and a dedicated team of 35 employees. As the business grew, the need for a unified system to manage the increasing volume of transactions became apparent. The Managing Director of Northern Recycling Solutions noted the existing systems were overwhelmed, signalling the need for a more robust solution to support the company’s expansion and future growth.


After a comprehensive market review, Northern Recycling Solutions selected PurGo waste management software for its comprehensive capabilities and seamless integration with its existing Vehicle Weighing Solutions equipment. PurGo promised to consolidate data management into a single platform, eliminating the inefficiencies of using multiple bespoke systems. This integration was essential for managing skip data, accommodating last-minute changes efficiently, and ensuring accurate customer reporting with automated weigh data from the ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system.

The implementation of PurGo transformed Northern Recycling Solutions’ operational processes. The software’s reliability and ease of use provided the company with immediate access to essential operational data, significantly reducing manual administrative tasks. Drivers, equipped with in-cab tablets, received job schedules and route plans directly on their devices, enhancing route efficiency and compliance with necessary vehicle checks. PurGo also streamlined the invoicing process, simplifying internal billing changes and reducing the potential for human error in monthly reporting.


The adoption of PurGo has marked a turning point for Northern Recycling Solutions, resulting in significant operational improvements and business growth. The company has experienced a 40% increase in turnover without the need for additional staffing, a testament to the efficiency gains facilitated by the software. Drivers have embraced the new system, finding it simplifies their daily routines and improves job satisfaction.

Furthermore, Northern Recycling Solutions has leveraged PurGo to offer enhanced services to their customers, including real-time data access through an API for larger clients. This feature underscores the company’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, supported by a robust and professional platform.

The resilience of the PurGo system was also tested during an internal server crash, with VWS Software Solutions providing essential support to resolve the situation swiftly. This support ensured business continuity and reinforced the partnership between Northern Recycling Solutions and VWS Software Solutions.

PurGo has been instrumental in unifying Northern Recycling Solutions’ waste management processes, from logistics and team communication to invoicing and reporting. The software’s industry-specific design and intuitive user interface have made it an integral part of the company’s operational framework, enabling Northern Recycling Solutions to deliver superior service to their customers and set a new standard in waste management efficiency.