Midas Waste’s Digital Transformation Journey


Midas Waste, an independently owned waste management company based in Kent, provides comprehensive waste management services across all business sectors. Known for its extensive range of specialist containers and vehicles, Midas Waste has established itself as an expert in handling diverse waste streams, allowing its customers to focus on core business activities. In 2021, the company recognised the need to enhance its operational efficiency through the implementation of a sophisticated waste management software solution.

The director of Midas Waste highlighted the requirement for an end-to-end solution that could optimise routing, integrate seamlessly with vehicle weighing systems, and provide instant access to crucial operational data. After evaluating various options, Midas Waste selected PurGo, drawn to its promise of maximising efficiency and its tailored design for the waste management industry.


PurGo stood out for its ease of use, intuitive workflows, and industry-specific functionality, making it an ideal choice for Midas Waste. The software’s user-friendly interface and ‘no jargon’ approach facilitated a smooth adoption across the company, from drivers and administrators to management and finance teams. The temporary replacement of a system user with a new administrator, who quickly learnt to navigate the software, underscored PurGo’s simplicity and effectiveness in ensuring operational continuity.

Drivers equipped with Getac mobile tablets use PurGo for real-time data access and communication during collection rounds. The ability to take photos and make notes directly in the system has been particularly valuable, enabling drivers to document and report situations encountered on the job efficiently.

A significant advantage of PurGo is its data analytics capability, which has empowered Midas Waste to identify route density opportunities and target new business prospects strategically. Leveraging this data, the company has initiated paid Google search campaigns focused on specific locations and sectors to increase route density and explore additional service offerings to customers with heavier collections.


The transition to PurGo has delivered substantial benefits for Midas Waste, notably in enhancing operational efficiency and enabling a paperless work environment. The flexibility to manage business operations remotely, especially during the challenges posed by the global pandemic, has been instrumental in maintaining business continuity.

PurGo’s comprehensive reporting suite has become an invaluable management tool for Midas Waste, offering insights into subcontracting, cost of sales, profitability, and sales opportunities. The software’s integration with existing systems, including Xero accounting software and ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing technology, has streamlined financial processes and improved the accuracy of weight data recording.

Looking ahead, Midas Waste is keen to explore additional PurGo modules, such as the CRM solution and customer portal, to further enhance its service offering. The software’s adaptability—capable of being as basic or as complex as needed—reaffirms Midas Waste’s confidence in PurGo as the optimal solution to support the company’s growth and evolving needs.

PurGo’s implementation at Midas Waste exemplifies how targeted technological solutions can drive efficiency, improve data utilisation, and support business development in the waste management sector.