Lili Waste Chooses PurGo


Lili Waste embarked on a mission to revolutionise its waste collection and disposal services upon the delivery of its first refuse collection vehicle in June 2015. Opting for the industry-leading ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing system from Vehicle Weighing Solutions (VWS), the Kent-based company has since witnessed remarkable growth. Expanding its operations across London, East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Hampshire, South Wales, and beyond, Lili Waste has continuously sought innovative solutions to support its expansion.

The company’s longstanding relationship with VWS has been pivotal. Fleet and Depot Manager, John Hopkins, remarked on the seamless integration of PurGo waste management software with ENVIROWEIGH, emphasising its role in the company’s development. This synergy has enabled Lili Waste to manage operations across seven depots nationwide, leveraging real-time data for unparalleled operational efficiency.


The adoption of PurGo, in conjunction with ENVIROWEIGH, marked a significant turning point for Lili Waste. This integrated solution facilitated the introduction of a pay-by-weight model, allowing Lili Waste to charge customers based on the actual waste collected. This approach not only ensured fairness but also allowed the company to efficiently manage waste collection processes, including addressing issues related to excessively heavy bins which pose health and safety risks.

The Managing Director of Lili Waste, highlighted the benefits of being the first UK company to implement PurGo. The software’s ability to streamline administrative tasks eliminated the need for a manager at each depot, significantly reducing overheads and enhancing efficiency. The real-time management of collection activities and vehicle locations through PurGo has optimised routing, improved customer communication regarding ETAs, and allowed for the addition of jobs on the fly.


The impact of implementing PurGo and ENVIROWEIGH at Lili Waste has been profound. The company has seen an improvement in first-time collection rates, as evidenced by KPI reports generated through PurGo. The software’s mapping functionality has not only optimised routing but also identified sales ‘infill’ opportunities, demonstrating the value of real-time, dynamic data in revenue generation.

From an operational standpoint, the system has enabled Lili Waste to enhance the customer experience significantly. Information is now readily available, providing a robust platform for service excellence. Drivers have also expressed satisfaction with the system, noting its simplicity, intuitiveness, and the reduction in paperwork required during collections.

The successful integration of PurGo and ENVIROWEIGH by Lili Waste stands as a testament to the power of innovative waste management solutions. Through this strategic implementation, Lili Waste has not only streamlined its operations but also set a new standard for service delivery in the waste management industry, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.