Enhancing Operational Excellence at URM with PurGo


URM faced significant challenges in streamlining its operations. With their expansion and escalating market competition, URM needed help in maintaining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Recognising the need for a transformative approach, URM’s Project and Systems Manager, sought a comprehensive solution to modernise and optimise their systems.


Responding to URM’s challenges, VWS Software Solutions introduced PurGo, for waste management and recycling operations. The PurGo system was meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with URM’s existing infrastructure, focusing on three core areas:

  • Automated Inventory Management: To significantly reduce errors and streamline operations.
  • Efficient Supply Chain Processes: Aiming to enhance logistics and delivery efficiency.
  • Advanced Data Analytics: Providing actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

Throughout the implementation, our team collaborated closely with URM, adapting the software to meet their specific operational needs and overcoming various challenges to ensure a seamless transition.


The implementation of PurGo at URM led to immediate and significant improvements in their operational framework:

  • Rapid Identification of Benefits: They reported that within weeks of implementing PurGo, URM observed tangible benefits. The new system provided a more detailed understanding of the factors driving their business performance.
  • Transition to a Paperless Operation: The PurGo system facilitated a nearly complete shift to paperless operations, significantly reducing the margin for error and streamlining administrative processes.
  • Enhanced Transparency and Integration: With PurGo, URM achieved a new level of interconnectedness and transparency across various departments, which is essential for efficient and cohesive operation.

URM emphasised the flexibility and robust reporting structure of PurGo, noting its instrumental role in achieving a unified version of business performance across the company. They highlighted that the comprehensive nature of the reporting system enabled URM to maintain a single, consistent understanding of its operational metrics.

URM’s CEO praised the transformation brought about by VWS Software Solutions, noting the dramatic improvement in operational efficiency and customer service. The professional expertise and customised approach of the VWS Software Solutions team were key factors in this successful implementation.